Exactly what is a Gratitude Journal?

Performs this seem like a well-recognized experience for you?…

Like a women entrepreneur in just a minute of awareness and panic you understand you’re ready to try taking some fast action to usher in some immediate earnings.

Which means you work extra hrs, achieve to prospects, perform a little networking and perhaps stretch you to ultimately launch a course or more.

Somewhere in the middle of all this activity you begin feeling exhausted because you are spending so much time – yet you are not allowing the results (i.e. earnings) you had wished for. You know yourself, “It is simply difficult to earn money within an aligned, balanced way.” Which means you settle lower for any necessary respite and break.

Unless of course you are an adrenaline junkie this erratic method of working most likely does not serve you and your business.

Rather the aim is a energy and inspiration to ensure that you are capable of working inside a more intentional, creative and consistent way.

My two absolute favorite tools for accomplishing this will be to conserve a daily “Gratitude Journal” along with a “Manifestation Journal.”

What is a gratitude journal?

Here’s a good example of the way a gratitude journal works best for me.

Every single day after i wake up I give myself full permission to take part in some precious “just-for-me” time. I would light a candle or play some soft music and sip some tea. I take out my gratitude journal and I’ll talk about two specific areas: 1) What I am grateful for – sometimes I’ll write as numerous things when i can consider, other occasions I’ll write just 5 things. And A Pair Of) I’ll write the sentence, “I’m wealthy and happy because…” – after which list the methods that i’m truly wealthy within my existence.

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